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  • Item:HB123 4D Adjustment Hydraulic Hinge

Item:HB123 4D Adjustment Hydraulic Hinge

Product Description

Parameter:Dia. of hinge cup:35mm                 

Depth of hinge cup:13.5mm                 

Optional pitch of hinge cup:45mm/48mm                 

Opening angle:105°Material:SteelFinish:Nickel plated

1.4D adjustment function.On the basis of 3D adjustment,increased closing speed adjustment function.So as not to cause the door to close too fast or unable to close.

2.Small angle buffering.Even if the door is only opened at 15 degrees it will still have buffering.Avoiding slip of the hand and door plank of the impactwhen opening the door.

3.Strengthen spring power support arm,spring thickens and breaks not easily.The door closes naturally and smoothly.

4.Reinforced bird button,not easy to fall off and spread, more safe and durable.MOQ is 20000pcs with printing logo.

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